Die cut wallets and reduced pricing

Photostockplus.com is pleased to present a new line of dye cut wallets in time for the Senior Season. The new dye cut images are delivered in sets of 8 on pre cut 8X10 sheets. Individual images pop out with ease to deliver a 2.38X3.38 image with rounded corners. Your cost for 8 Dye cuts is $2.99 for Pro color corrected prints and $2.79 for non color corrected prints.

* In order to begin selling the new dye cuts simply add them to your price groups and set your markups.

The old wallets are a separate product that is still available. Due to savings seen with our new supplier we have reduced the pricing on the regular uncut wallets that come in packs of 4. They will now be $1.39 and $1.19 respectively as opposed to the $1.99 and $1.79 pricing that was in place before. The price change will affect your final prices and will change the final price of any packages you may offer that include them. If you need to keep your final prices the same, we recommend you login and raise the price of your markup with the equivalent amount of savings to maintain the same price for your clients.

We hope the savings and new product will help with the success of your senior photo sales and we wish you a great season!

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