Photography Selling Tips

1. Email collection
Collecting emails at events with one of our email collection form or by adding a mandatory email login on your site provides you with a data base of leads. Marketing to these people with email is an amazingly effective way to get more sales.

2. Packages
Packages allow you to offer multiple prints sizes together at one price point. You can also include photo gift items in packages. With a package you can incentivize your clients to buy more by reducing the combined cost of multiple products. enables you to create as many packages as you like. You set one global markup to the combined products. Packages are a great way to increase your clients per order dollar amount. Try them today!

3. Volume discounts
You can set price points in your price groups that offer discounts. Doing so encourages greater order values. Clients love deals and will generally spend more to save money. Our system offers you the flexibility to experiment with promotions that are sure to increase your bottom line. You simply set a dollar value and how much you want to offer as a discount on that price point. Over $50.00 get 10% off or over 75.00 get 20% off. Visit the pricing page to set your discounts today.

4. Limited time purchase discounts
Add text promoting a general site special discount that will be available until a given date. Simply create a secondary price group with a 20% discount so you can change the price group on the event. You can always extend a special if you choose or bring it back in the future.

5. Expire events
Make events expire on a certain date to create an urgency to order. You can easily turn event on and off in the back end without removing the photos so that you can then bring them back online for holidays or other special offerings. You always have the option to come back and add text that due to popular demand this event is online again.

6. Announcements
Produce text just for a specific product like a photo book, photo cut out or any other product announcing a discount and offering simple instructions on how to order the product. You can also be more vague and just say something like "Photo books now as low as $34.99"

7. Limiting Availability
Let people know that products are available for purchase through your website now but may not be in the future.

8. Highlight Savings
Add a descriptive paragraph about your packages and the savings and exact products they receive with them.

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