5 Tips to Help you Sell More Stock Images

Uploading and selling stock with the photostockplus.com complete online sales solution is an easy way to turn a profit from your images.

We have buyers interested in a variety of styles, qualities and subject matter. With photostockplus.com you have the freedom to decide what photos to sell and how much to charge for them. We promote your work to our buyers and bring you sales while leaving you in control of what to sell and for how much.

1. Quantity is almost as important as quality.

People buying images have very unique needs. Images are needed for an incredible array of scenarios. Marketing companies, agencies, small businesses, schools and education providers all need images for books, websites, brochures, magazines and internet use.

Images are needed for almost every subject or scenario imaginable. Simply put… the more photos you upload and put for sale, the better your chances of selling become. In order to gain exposure you need to produce content. This doesn't mean upload hundreds of pictures of the same thing will make you successful. Quite the opposite can be true. Stager your content and get creative, but remember the more images you have for sale… the more money you will make.

2. Adding titles, categories, descriptions and keyword data to your images is the key to gaining extra visibility in the global search database.

Buyers find what they are looking for by typing in search terms or by searching categories from our online search engine. All images are ranked and reviewed by an editor, but at least 50% of the relevance is determined by an analysis of your title, category, description and keywords. Our up loader tools read embedded keywords if you have already added keyword data to your jpg files. Alternately, you can always add keywords individually to your images while editing online.

3. File size matters

Always upload the highest resolution file you have. It is true that for internet use and presentations the file size will be of little importance. Smaller files can and do get sold every day, but when files are used for print, size does matter. If you are selling stock you must upload the largest file you have on hand. Do not compress images to save space as you will not be given the opportunity to upload a larger file. The clients download the images that are on the server immediately after purchase. Clients do have access to the file size before purchasing and sometimes the size of the file will effect their buying decisions.

4. Model release / Property release

If you are shooting public buildings, monuments or people, model releases can be quite important. It is true that model and property releases will not be necessary for editorial use but when it comes to marketing or business uses the release is necessary. Buyers will verify if you have indicated that you have a release on file. Don't forget to get a release.

5. Assignments

Submitting your content quickly can be a big advantage, especially with new assignments with tight deadlines. Keep a look out for new assignments and get your content in. Assignments can be an easy way to make money from images you already have. Some buyers prefer to have work submitted to them rather than looking for what they need, so submitting becomes critical in winning these contracts.

To find out more about photostockplus services please visit our more info section.

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