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Selling prints and photographic gift items with our online system is easy, but proper marketing will make a huge difference to your bottom line. We would like to share some tips to help make your gallery sales soar. provides you with dozens of customizable galleries to upload and showcase your photos with. Buyers can choose from over 30 print sizes and a variety of print finishes that are produced at our award winning lab. With over 30 years of experience, our qualified staff consistently deliver the best possible prints to your clients. Our diverse line of Photo-gift items are produced in the same lab, with the same quality technicians.

The following are a list of services available to our pro members. Applying these marketing tips to your online sales strategy is a sure way to increase your online sales and increase customer satisfaction.of services available to our pro members. Applying these marketing tips to your online sales strategy is a sure way to increase your online sales and increase customer satisfaction.

A simple and effective way of offering a special is to group items together in a package. By making it easy and economical for clients to order, you can quickly increase your average sale dollar amount, while providing value to your clients. Packages can be created in the price group. You set one markup to a group of products to be a associated with a photo, so in effect, you can offer a discount here as well. The package is associated to the price group and can be showcased in a variety of ways in your gallery by adding text to the site, or showcasing it as a featured product.

You can create coupons with specific dollar amounts in the marketing section when logged in. You can use them as promotional hand outs, or sell them onsite, depending on your strategy. When a client uses the coupon for a purchase, you are requested to pay the coupon. Since you don't have to pre pay for coupons, you can always have a stack with you that you can sell. Most photographers will offer a discount on the price of the coupon. So you can sell a $50.00 coupon for $40.00. Others will make a $3.00 coupon and give them away knowing that the lowest priced item on their site is $10.00. This is a fail safe way to encourage sales.

Volume Discount
Setting a volume discount on your gallery is an easy and effective at drumming up sales. Simply visit the "Pricing" page, were you can choose the amount of discount you want to offer and the dollar amount they need to spend for it to be applicable. For example, 20% off on all orders over $50.00. This is completely controlled by you and you can enter any value you like, as long as it is not below your cost. When a volume discount is set, we automatically promote the discount with red lettering in your gallery so clients are enticed to spend more to receive a discount. Note that volume discounts can only be set on custom price groups.

Product quantity discount (new feature)
If you would like to set a discount by product, you can now do so by visiting the "Pricing" section and the sub section "discount rules". Here you can select a price group and then an individual item like "4X6 prints" or any other product. You can then set a quantity discount for that item. For example you can have a price for 5 to 10 prints as well as one for 11 to 20 prints and so on. You can then advertise 5 to10 prints are $15.00 and 11 to 20 are $10.00 each. You can go on and on or do basic volume discounts.

By setting discounts and volume intervals you can encourage larger orders. Clients can order different prints in this same special, as long as they are from the same price group. You can simplify it to be 10 or more instead of creating lots of groups. The freedom is all yours, in fact, you can even display the discounts by $ amount or by % amount.

Featured products
When clients view photos in their large format in your gallery, we feature products from your price group above the photos. You can now control which products you want to showcase here. Often clients will use this area to showcase packages or specialty items that appeal to their specific clients. Simply visit the "Pricing" section and then "Featured Products" to select your featured products.

Suggested item in cart
Adding a suggested item in the cart is an extra chance to market a product to interested buyers. You can feature a maximum of three items here. Many clients prefer to just feature one as it is repeated on each print in the cart as a suggested item. Try to make it something different, like a custom poster, or a mug. Something out of the ordinary that can peak your clients senses ?. You can select suggested items when creating a price group in the "Pricing" section, under "Featured Products". It is just below the featured product list on the same page.

Banners, flash, HTML or text promotion
All of these items can be added to your home page and to your event galleries. We have pre created banners you can add, as well as marketing text to consider in the marketing tips page. Adding visuals that showcase special products, like Custom Action Posters or Museum Mount Gallery Wraps makes a big difference to the sales of those big ticket items. You can create your own graphics or flash that is quickly added when creating the event. Don't miss out on the amazing promotional method. If you need help creating graphics, let us know. Our in house design team can work with you to create an array of stunning promotional graphics to add to your site.

Time limit specials
Creating a sense of urgency is a great way to push sales. Many people are prone to putting off their purchase if they think there is no rush. Expiring events and taking them down is one way of doing this. Another very effective way to do this, is to offer an early bird special. Simply lower your prices for the first 5 days the event is online. Let everyone know. You can put text on the site explaining the details. You can alternate price groups in an event in seconds by having several pre made custom price groups to change in and out. Offering an early bird 20% discount will have your clients pulling out their credit cards faster that you can say "SOLD". Take advantage… make an early bird special and watch the sales roll in.

We hope this email has been informative and you will put some of these practices to good use. If you need a little more help or encouragement… please feel free to contact your marketing representative or call in and have a rep assigned to you to help grow your business. Sales are on fire now and there is no better time to capitalize. Every dollar counts and being creative can save your clients money, increase your sales and promote customer satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone or login and get those specials rolling.

We wish you the best of success.


The marketing team.

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