New T&I and Trading card templates now live

We have added new Team and Individual templates and Trading cards for Marching band, Soft Ball and Field Hockey.

These templates are available to consumers ordering on your site as long as you have the product activated. Both feature all the major sports and make it really easy for your client to add multiple photos and select data points that will appear on the product. If you have not already tried the ordering process we would like to encourage you to activate these in your events and place an order from the front end of the site. We expect you will be impressed by the ease of use of this revolutionary consumer oriented product. If you are looking for more generic templates we recommend you have a look at our memory mate line which includes templates for a wide variety of occasions. Custom action products have long been a best seller for sports photographers. Now you can take the work out of it and allow clients to do their own layout in a super easy and friendly format.

If you notice we are missing something that should be added please feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

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