Organize your event groups now!

We have modified our code to allow you to organize groups. Previously only albums could be organized but due to demand we have expanded the feature to allow you to organize your groups as well. This can be important for people working with groups within groups. Simply log in and enter a group. You will have a left menu with a link to organize under the group name. You can then select albums and re-arrange them as you see fit. Please let us know if this feature is working well for you and if you have any other requests regarding functionality for the site.

Thank you.

PhotoStockPlus dev team.

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2 responses to “Organize your event groups now!”

  1. Erica says:

    This has been driving me nuts for a while. Thanks guys! I cant say enough about your attention to detail.


  2. artzy says:

    So glad this works for you… please feel free to speak with our reps about any other things you may need in your workflow.

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