How To Find Inspiration I: Seeing Creatively

There are times when we run out of ideas on what to shoot next. It seems we've taken a picture of everything we can think of. The family dog seems to already know its best profile from all the hundreds of pictures you've taken of it. You've taken shots of every vegetable in the fridge, every item on your dresser and every flower in the garden. Inspiration is knocking less often at your door and the camera is slowly gathering dust.

The trick to shaking off photographer's block is to look at things in a different light. To most ordinary object can be fascinating once you discover what makes it special.

Take the family dog, for example. Do most of your shots look similar? Dog sleeping, dog sitting, dog scratching with left foot, dog scratching with right foot, etc. There might be nothing wrong with these shots but if they are all starting to look alike, then it is time to REALLY look at your dog. Try to go closer and take a picture of just its ear or its tail. Shoot the animal from an angle you normally don't use. Be inventive with a prop. You'd be surprised at the variety of shots you can take.

Another tip to coax inspiration from hiding is to look at other people's photographs. Each person has his own style of composing shots and might shoot a subject in such a manner that has never occurred to you to do before. Spend some time browsing other members' galleries or photo albums. There are thousands of amazing photographs from our very own members which will surely bring back that creative rush and make you wipe off the dust from your camera and start shooting again. Check out our members' albums by searching under categories or by name. If you see any photos that speak to your creative soul, add them to your favorites page so you can look at them time to time. Better yet, buy a print which you can hang on your living room or bedroom wall.

Seeing creatively takes practice but once you get the hang of it, you will not look at life the same way again. Watch out for the next article about photo theme ideas, which will offer more ways to find inspiration.

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