Site updates planned for next week

Facebook/Twitter sharing widget

Enhanced SEO features and Meta tagging for Gold members

Default setting enhancments

As many of you know marketing has always been a strong part of our product offering. In recent years social media has become popular with even the biggest brands. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have gained steam as legitimate brand building marketing tools for businesses. If you are not already looking at these platforms to help grow your business, we strongly recommend that you do. We have had many inquiries about people looking for an effective way to enable sharing on these sites in a way that helps them promote their business.

Announcing our new Facebook/twitter sharing widget
In an effort to help our clients brand themselves and benefit from word of mouth and referral marketing, we are launching a new Facebook/Twitter sharing widget on the site that will facilitate promotion of your images. We will be adding Facebook/Twitter share buttons to your site that will enable people to post links to your gallery on their personal or business Facebook/Twitter pages. When someone posts a link on their Facebook or Twitter network it is then broadcast to all their friends and contacts. Those friends may re post or “like” the post as well. All of this leads to more promotion for you.

By default, we will be adding these buttons to all galleries next week when we go live with these features.

If for some reason you prefer to turn the sharing buttons off, please send us an email request with your user name. Alternately you can visit the “Admin” section of the site once we are live next week and click “Customize Website” and then the “General” tab listed on the top of the page. Scroll down to where it says “Enable Facebook/Twitter sharing” and un tick the box.

Customized link appearance
You may also customize Facebook links to include a small thumbnail of the photo on the page being shared. If you prefer you can make it show your storefront logo or you can decide not to show a logo or picture preview at all and just present a link back to your gallery.

Allowing people to link back to your galleries is an amazing way to have people who see your work promote your galleries. It will also help you in terms of having back links directing to your site which will also help your search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization and Meta data control for Gold members. We have also added the ability for Gold account members to change their Meta-data on Event and Stock albums. This means that you will be able to change the title, description and keywords that a search engine reads for all of your albums allowing you to build stronger search engine popularity which in turn leads to more traffic for your site and images. As many of you know does offer a search engine optimization package where we have experts analyze your site and submit it to search engines. You can find out more about Search Engine Optimization on our services page when logged into the site or by calling our office.

Default settings
We have improved the way our default settings work and are now allowing you to customize these on a defaults page that is located in the customize storefront link in the admin. Once you are in the “Customize Website” page you will have a link on top for “Default Event Settings”. This will allow you to set defaults to your events making for a smoother workflow for volume shooters.

We are very excited to hear back from you on this and look forward to seeing some amazing promotional results. We welcome your input on any and all of these matters as usual and look forward to bringing you more updates in the near future.

The PhotoStockPlus team
1-866-268-9206 ext 239.

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2 responses to “Site updates planned for next week”

  1. Martha Yanchyshyn says:

    I am more than happy to have Facebook and Twitter links on my stock photos, but I do not want them on my event albums because I think this comes very close to a breach of privacy. Is there any way to take them off the event albums and leave them on the stock albums? Otherwise I will have to take them off both.

  2. artzy says:

    It’s something we can look into but I want to point out that we only put a tiny thumbnail preview on FB and that it links back to your gallery. You can also adjust settings so the preview is your logo and not your pictures. Having people post links in this way is a great link and traffic builder for your events. Having lots of back links to your site helps you get better search engine ranking so it really helps all around. Either way I will talk with the programmers and see what they think about adding this additional customization. Will also be interested to hear what other have to say?

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