“Home” button links on gallery update.

Well… we have been talking about this for some time. Because photstockplus.com allows you to have a Main Gallery site, Groups, Sub-Groups, Event and Sub Events we feel that the “Home” button is something that is not completely clear.


As it stands, when you are in an Event or Group there is a “Home” Button that brings you back to the Events home page (not your main site). You can decide to include a link back to your Main Site within events by ticking the box next to “Include link back to homepage” when setting up the event. If you do not do so people can not get back to your main site. Some people prefer to keep their events or groups as independent entities.  If you do tick the link to home page option the link shows up in the form of a text link at the top of the site saying “Return to home page”. We still have a link at the top left of site saying “Home” which brings you to the same events home. Confused?


In order to make things clearer… we have decide to change the link that appears in the top left of all your galleries to say “Gallery Home”


If you decide to include a link back to your home page when setting up an event or if you have it set that way by default it will add a button at the top left above “Gallery Home” that will read “Main Site”


We feel this is more descriptive and easier for people to understand. Please feel free to share your thoughts.


Thank you


Ilan Artzy


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