New Feature! Add Custom Content on Your Contact Page!

Thanks to some great feedback and ideas from the Photostockplus community, we have added yet another feature to our system this week giving you even more control and customization options for your Photostockplus storefront!

Add Custom Content to Your Contact Page!

Have specific business hours? Want to provide your visitors with additional ways to get a hold of you? Want to tell the world where your business is located? Whatever it is, you can now add content to your heart’s desire on to your contact page.

How to Add Content to Your Contact Page?

Once logged in to your Photostockplus account, click on the ‘Customize Website’ found below the ‘Marketing Tools’ section. Scroll down to the ‘Contact Page Content:’ and start adding that content. It’s just that easy!

HTML and Flash Compatible!

The newly added ‘Contact Page Content’ field provides you with the same flexibility as your Header and other Content fields which accepts complete text formatting, HTML coding and even flash.

We recommend all users to take a few minutes to set up additional contact page content. It’s a well invested 5 minutes to possibly provide a much more positive user experience for those clients who prefer calling in or sending an email directly with questions rather than using a contact form.

Many more features are under development and regular articles are being added in our Photography Articles section so if you haven’t yet, be sure to Subscribe to this Blog or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for all of the latest updates and articles!

We love hearing from our users so feel free to comment on this post, throw in your suggestions, or even email us directly if there’s something you would like to see added to the Photostockplus service and who knows, you may see it in the next feature update!

Ilan Artzy

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