New Retro Custom Poster Designs

4 new custom posters to choose from!

Photostockplus has added 4 hot new templates for consumers to choose from when creating their own custom action posters with our streamlined system. You can now order “Sun Rays (Brown)”, “Sun Rays (Colors)”, “Black & Green (Universe)” or “Black & Red (Stone)”. Custom action posters are heavily in demand collages our designers put together with your favorite sports images. You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, player number and team, then select the background and up to three photos you would like to add to the poster.

Our artists will remove the subject from the photos, creatively position them on select backgrounds and add the player’s name, team and player number to create a stunning final product that is approved by you. Small adjustments can be made before final output.

Sizes and finishes

Custom posters are available in 16×20, 20×24 or 24×36 sizes with Glossy, Matte, Luster or Metallic finishes.

How to add custom posters to your product list?

Once logged in to your Photostockplus account, click on “pricing”, then select your price group (or create a new custom price group if you haven’t already created one).

Scroll down until you see “Custom Poster” in the “Composites” section.  After entering the desired markup, make sure to check the “active” box for each product selected, then scroll down and click on “save”.

How to choose which products to show in your “product” page

In your Photostockplus account, click on “admin” in the blue menu on the left then click on “customize website” under  “my account”. Scroll down until you see “Storefront Pricing Group:” and select the price group you want to show. All the products in the selected price group will appear in your storefront.

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