New template available!

Photostockplus has released a new template for Gold members. This elegant design will appeal to wedding photographers who are looking to add dynamism to their site. Gold account holders can now choose from 30 additional template designs.

Changing your storefront template

To use this template, log into your account, click on “customize website”, then click on “select a store template”.

Changing your event templates

To change the template of a specific event, go to “event albums”, then click on “edit” next to the album and scroll down until you see “Select template”.

Pro vs Gold membership

Photostockplus offers 2 types of account; Pro and Gold. For event photographers, we recommend a Gold account as it comes with much more flexibility and functionality. Our Gold members get unlimited event storage, increased marketing tools and our professional last look cropping allows you to take your business up a level and help differentiate your brand. Gold membership benefits include:

  • Enhanced  template design (the ones that say “Gold” in the customize website section will be unlocked)
  • Multi image self fulfill (offer products that include more than one image)
  • Add pages to your website (you can add any content you want on these. They become a part of your site)
  • Perfect crop (perform last look cropping based on ordered products aspect ratio for each image that is ordered)
  • Additional music
  • Unlimited event space (10 gig stock limit)
  • View clients favorites (great for follow up marketing, you can double your sales using this feature!)
  • Upload your own templates for self fulfill 


Click here to find out more.

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