Fantastic Tips on How to Photograph Children

Taking photographs of children can either be great fun or a huge challenge. Some children enjoy posing for the camera and while others are camera shy or too hyperactive to sit still for the shot. Here are some useful tips you can use to get that perfect shot even with the most reluctant child:

Go closer – instead of taking a whole body shot, try moving up close and filling the frame. By isolating a portion of your subject, such as the face or the hands, more details can be seen. This is also great for babies where close up shots plus diffused lighting would be ideal to show their tiny features. 

Take advantage of their expressiveness – Children can be very expressive with their emotions since they have not yet learned to rein their feelings. This trait of vulnerability is also what makes them enchanting. Capture their expressions quickly since they can go from being silly to angry to pensive in the space of a few seconds. 

Add a prop – an object such as a security blanket can greatly improve the mood of a child. Including their favorite teddy bear or pet puppy in the shot can make them more at ease and give them something to focus on as well.

Shoot them in action – most children can’t seem to stop moving. They are so full of exuberance and are always running and playing games. Taking a photo of them at play instead of in a formal pose will portray them in a more natural and relaxed manner. Also, a setting such as a playground or the garden will provide a great background. A fast shutter speed is needed to freeze them in action but a slower shutter speed can catch lines of movement and make the image dynamic. You can play around with panning, zoom blur or motion blur to further spice up the shot.

Patience is a virtue – if you have a child, or remember what it was like to have been one, then you know how short children’s attention spans can be. They are always curious and the slightest interesting thing can catch their attention and they then forget all the instructions you’ve given them to pose the way you want them to. Don’t try to force them to pose since you might get them to sit still but you will also receive a glare that will not be pleasant to capture. Instead, make it a fun shoot by talking about their interests and allowing them to explore the surroundings. Show them the shots you’ve taken of them and they’ll probably direct themselves and think of various creative ways to pose for you.

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