4 New Features!

Talk about an update! Our tech team has been burning the midnight oil to kick off this year right with the addition of 4 new features extending flexibility, control and functionality through your Photostockplus account!

2 for 1

You will now have the ability to set up to 3 products with a 2 for 1 discount! Once set, using eye catching font and text, these products will automatically be advertised to your clients as they browse your galleries, making them aware of your current promotions and encouraging larger orders!

Setting up a 2 for 1 product can be done on the pricing page while editing a pricing group:

For complete details on how to set these new discounts, visit our new 2 for 1 tutorial page.
Multi Image Self Fulfill Products – Improved Client Experience

For those of you providing your clients with Multi Image Self Fulfillment products, we have made some major improvements geared towards providing a smoother client experience.

Features have been modified and added at the image selection portion of the customization including:

  • New ‘All’ button to quickly select an entire album and images shown on a page.
  • New ‘None’ button to quickly remove all selections.
  • New Image Indicator to show your client which images have already been added to the product in order to avoid duplicates.

Photo Selector – Before

Photo Selector – After

Other modifications have been made on the product customization page itself with the following additions:

  • New ‘Remove All Photos’ button to quickly remove all current photos
  • New ‘Remove Selected Photos’ allowing users to scan through images, tick unwanted selections and remove them all with one simply click.
  • Modified image order functionality allowing users to select an image and place it before or after any image quickly.

Image Downloads within a Package!

As you have requested, the Image Download product is now available for you to add to your custom discount packages!

Pricing Page – Reverse Calculator

Another requested feature by you, the user. You can now simply put in the final cost you wish your products to be set at and let the reverse calculator deal with the proper mark-up!

A strong start to the year doesn’t mean that we’re slowing down though … It’s quite the opposite actually. We have many improvements in the works so stay tuned for more updates coming your way soon.

As always, the best way to stay up to date on service improvements, updates and other goodies is by following us through Twitter, Facebook or subscribing to our RSS feed .

Photostockplus Dev Team

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6 responses to “4 New Features!”

  1. These improvements do not amaze me. This is usual OUTSTANDING service provided by PSP. You guys ROCK!

  2. Gunnar says:

    Great Job guys! Love the changes. If you could add this to your “future ideas” list: My clients would love to have a Black and White and Sepia preview option. Many of them want to see it in B&W.

    Good luck this year!


  3. Thanks for listening to customer requests and for continuing to make PSP as user friendly as possible!

  4. Bill Kruser says:

    This is really great and will be very usefuil in selling to our clients. Thanks for providing these new enhancements.

  5. Ilan Artzy says:

    Hi Gunnar,

    Boht of these features are in dev. They will come out with our new cart. 🙂

    Ilan Artzy

  6. Ilan Artzy says:

    Hi Gilda,

    We have larger previews available now on Gold accounts. Please call the office and speak with your rep or Peter in Customer service so we can get you set up.

    Ilan Artzy

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