5 More Fabulous Fashion Photography Tips
The fashion photography genre is full of tips and tricks to make your images stand out and the viewer take notice. For those who have intentions of creating fashion photographs, there are some simple but essential points to remember. We discussed 5 fashion photo tips in a previous article and here are five more to help get you going.
1.  Use make-up and lighting to enhance the effect you want to project – if you seek a more natural look, choose light pastel tones, not too heavy make-up and hair that will softly frame the face. For a provocative or seductive look, use dark, heavy make-up and an over styled hairdo. Unique looking models convey personality and curiosity to the shot while female models with symmetrical features, huge almond shaped eyes, full lips and tiny chins are considered to have a more commercial appeal.

2.  A mirror can be a helpful prop – fashion shoots often make use of storytelling images to present the garments. The materials or props used in a shoot add depth in the portrayal of a character by the model and at the same time the telling of a narrative. A mirror is one of the simplest, yet most effective props you can use. It is a valuable instrument to show your model’s full profile and can inadvertently be used to tell a story. Try to position your lighting equipment, yourself and anything that may get in the way of shooting, from being reflected by the mirror.

3.  Focus on the fashion – since fashion photography is all about clothes and aesthetics, make sure that all the elements in your scene support and complement the garment; from the model to the props to the background. The most elaborate setup can be used but remember that the fashion pieces should be the point of focus. Although garments are usually presented in a neat and immaculate fashion, they can also be shown in a less common way such as wet, dirty or crumpled. Whatever way you choose to depict it, the result should still be the same, which is that the garment is the main attraction.

4.  Use available space – renting a professional studio and extra equipment might not be within your budget.  You can make use of the available space you have in your home. Use a corner in a spare room that has windows that let in a lot of light and hang a white sheet across the window. This would create a soft box effect on a sunny day. This is excellent for creating even lighting.

5.  Get an assistant – fashion photography is work that can be done solo but it would be easier if you had an assistant. More often than not, photographers will always need help in moving the equipment around such as umbrella stands, or to reset lighting equipment, or to arrange the clothing on the model and later on pack up the scene. Photography students, a friend or a family member might be glad to help you out.

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