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A niche as defined in business terms is a profitable segment in a market that is specifically created by identifying the needs and wants of a particular consumer. A niche can also be used to identify a specialization in the field of photography, such as commercial photography, event photography, landscape photography, portrait photography and pet photography. However, you can narrow the field even further since a niche can be a market within a market. For example, in the specialized field of pet photography, there can also be a niche specifically for pet portraiture. The challenge lies in identifying what your clients need from you.

Photography is a highly competitive trade, and it helps to be original and to create your own specialty. In having the opportunity to have more than just one niche, you can tap into more sources for prospective clients. Here are some niches you can consider including in your portfolio:

1. Your neighborhood – who would not be proud of their own neighborhood. If you’re lucky enough to be living in a quaint small town, this is a perfect way to build up your community. There is always a market for images for postcards, calendars and coffee table books. There is no better way to get great images than by knowing first hand about the place you’re shooting, and since you live in the area, you know the ideal spots to capture the perfect scene.

2. Parks – there is a lot of activity you can see in parks such as children playing in the jungle gym, Frisbees being thrown around and even squirrels or cats going about their business. There are a lot of buyers for such images and it is a great alternative to the common street scene.

3. Construction – a niche should be small with only a handful of competitors but big enough to have a large number of buyers. This way the demand for your images is constant. Construction is one niche that can tap into multiple demands. It can be used to depict the needs of the building industry with regard to growth and development. Having a specialty with many different clients is one sure way to keep a steady stream of income going your way.

4. Cakes – food photography is a vast field considering the many types of food out there. Specializing in shooting just one type of food will help you master the techniques to get the perfect image each time. The dessert industry relies on the visual senses more often than taste, it’s the first thing that captures the viewers’ attention, and a large portion of their budget is placed on advertising and can be a profitable niche to get yourself into.

5. Technology – with so many new gadgets coming out in the market almost everyday, there is a demand for images of all the newly released ones, from cellular phones to cameras to kitchen appliances. By establishing yourself as a reliable source for such images, you can easily capture a regular client base.

6. Church groups – this may be a very profitable niche to tap into. What’s more is it comes with a referral network that can provide you with a sustainable income. Get connected with members who will hire you to be the designated photographer for gatherings and occasions.

7. Insects – the market is already saturated with the typical cute domesticated animals such as cats and dogs. Insects and bugs can be just as interesting, although not as cute. Macro or close up shots of spiders, beetles, butterflies and the like are very popular. Establish yourself as a specialist in images of insects and you can make a name for yourself in this field whenever there is a need for it.

8. Sand – by applying your own special technique to photographing images that include sand, this will get you that much needed edge in creating your very own niche. Use your imagination in developing new ways to make sand special. Sand dunes, sand sculptures, beaches, aquariums, you can cover a wide range of scenes and subjects that have the presence of sand. Buyers who are looking for nature images or images with texture will look for your shots.  

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