Make Money Out of Your Passion for Photography

If you love photography and consider yourself decent with taking pictures and want to venture into making some money out of the art and craft of photography, you can turn your passion into a lucrative business. Being a seasoned photographer takes many years of experience. Here are some ideas to get you started on your journey to making money out of photography:

Venture into pet photography – pets are often considered as part of the family but not everyone has the time or talent to take professional quality photographs of their pets, moreover with themselves included. Many a pet owner would want services of a pet photographer who can capture their beloved pets in an attractive image. You can extend your services to printing the shots yourself and selling those to them, or even include the pet photos in merchandise such as shirts, mugs and posters. You can also attend pet shows and offer your services to the various pet lovers.

Attend fishing contests – these are oftentimes overlooked because not many photographers pay attention to this event. Many of the contestants forget to bring their cameras and are more concerned about their catch. Fishermen would want to have pictures of their winning catch and this is where you come in. This is a perfect opportunity to be where the demand is, 

Be aware of scheduled parades – wherever parades take place, more often than not, the people in the parades do not have time to make sure they have their photographs taken since they might be too busy. Always remember that if you take pictures with people as your subjects, always obtain model releases from them so you can later sell them to stock sites. 

Take photos of quaint towns and scenery – if the area where you are living is visited by tourists, it is a good idea to have yourself available during tourist season. A lot of visitors take turns having their pictures taken with their companion if they are taking pictures themselves. With the use of your services, they can all be in the same shot. Also, since you are from the area, you would know where the best tourist attractions are.

Family postcards – during the holiday season, it is a tradition for many families to send out Christmas postcards with family photos as the cover. You can take the photograph and even print the postcards yourself, then package it. This is a great way to get client referrals.

Take graduation shots – positioning yourself is very important when you plan on taking photos of events such as graduation, whether it is a preschool or a college event. Be near enough to the stage so you have a good view of the graduates, yet stay out of the way of the flow of human traffic. 

Promotional photographs – every business needs to advertise itself to gain clients or customers. Cater to the needs of the businesses in your area and advertise your services. Use your own business as an example to show them how effective and useful your services are to them.

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