Choosing the Perfect Photostock Plus Storefront

It is safe to say that photography is all about visual imagery and presentation is necessary to entice people to go to your site and browse around. Your photographs may be exceptional but if the package in which they are displayed is unsightly, it can be assumed that potential buyers will be put off and look somewhere else.  Photostock Plus offers varieties of website templates called ‘storefronts’ which have been created to showcase members’ photographs for selling purposes. Although each storefront template is special in its own way, finding that perfect storefront that matches your personality as well as your photographs can be a challenge. A fun challenge, nevertheless.

After going to ‘my account’ and clicking ‘customize website’, click the ‘select a store template’ button and it will open a window to several template options. Currently there are 47 designs but more are being created. Twenty six of those templates are available only to gold members, which is another great reason why you should upgrade if you haven’t yet.

You could break your options down first to templates with light colored background or dark background. Would your photographs appear more striking set against a black backdrop? Do they look more pleasing to the eye if a lighter color were used? If you prefer more color, why not try the pink or green template and see if that works best. There are templates with sports motifs, nature themes, and even love designs which is perfect if you are a wedding photographer. There are elegant and classy templates such as the Parchemin, and simple yet stunning ones such as ‘White Harmony’.

You may place a title for your storefront such as your company name or your website address. The header content is a great way to provide information about what your page is all about. A short but informative sentence would be enough to hook buyers into lingering. The content section is where you would want to describe yourself a little bit more, here you can add extra information that you feel the buyers should know. Both the header and the content section have the added feature of allowing you to include HTML or flash code to further personalize your page. You may also add an invoice note which will appear in the customer’s invoice.

Photoshop Plus has thought of everything to make the buyer’s experience a pleasant one. You have the choice of adding slideshow music with a wide selection of melodies to fully enhance your storefront’s appeal. You may also show your pricing group if you like. To further customize your page, you may have event albums open in a new window, enable comments on your photos, and have the site send you an email when you receive a comment.

Take some time to choose and customize your storefront to fully maximize the potential of site traffic and buyer patronage. 

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