7 Useful Suggestions to Boost Interest in Your Stock Photographs

Stock photography can be a lucrative business, and it is always an unexpected and a pleasant surprise whenever you make a sale. Every image you take is unique and may at the same time have its good points and flaws. To generate a greater demand for your stock photos, here are a few general tips to get you started:

Edit your submissions – don’t just upload everything you’ve taken pictures of in a whole shoot. Edit and choose the best shots and upload only the ones you think are good enough to use. However, do not overdo it with the post processing since there might be the tendency that it looks unreal or too edited. Do not oversharpen your images and upload the highest resolution your camera can handle. Go over every pixel of your image since stock agency reviewers will certainly be doing that and the slightest appearance of pixelation or sensor dust can be a reason for rejection of your shot.

Communicate – don’t be afraid to get feedback from the many people who see your work.  Most of the time, you will get valuable input that you can use in your next photo shoot. Remember that any comment is not personal so use other people’s opinions to your advantage.

Observe – learn from other stock photography sites and other photographers on what images attract buyers the most. Notice the foreground and background of print advertisements and consider the material used. A lot of times print media uses stock images for their ads. Knowing what stock photography clients are looking for in quality stock imagery is an advantage. More importantly, always learn to think like a client and know what images are in demand to best cater to the market.

Be inspired – look for inspiration in your work. Study what other material is available so you can familiarize yourself. Notice what a certain image looks like and re-tell the story using your own version or interpretation. Use this to draw inspiration from and start from there. There are thousands of images of paperclips but if you can give it your own creative touch, this can be the extra factor that can set it apart from the rest.

Direct less – when working with models, it’s best to keep them relaxed. You capture the true essence of a person or image when they are at ease and not overly conscious of how they are posing. Explain what you want and need from them and let the story unfold by itself.

Read design and photography magazines – use what you see in these magazines as inspiration rather than mimicking styles or other photographers’ work. Learn to develop new styles and techniques that you can use for your own images. This is the best way to learn what other photographers are doing to create business concepts that you can use to your advantage.

Use keywording – choose the correct keywords when labeling your work. Accuracy is an important factor as well as matching as many of the correct keywords to fit your image to get the largest possible audience. Avoid using keywords that have no relevance to your image even if these are the most often used, with the thought of adding traffic to your portfolio. It will only irk prospective buyers and will do nothing good for your chances of getting your images sold. 

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