10 Ways to Turn Your Photographs into Cash

Who doesn't have photographs stored in a computer? Almost everyone who owns a digital camera or mobile phone has photographs stored in virtual memory. And if you are a photography hobbyist or enthusiast, what better way to turn your stored images into fast cash. This is one of the fastest ways to turn your art into a lucrative business. Once you choose your niche, you can start marketing your work to your family and friends, neighborhood establishments and online. Here are a few tips on how to turn your digital images into currency:

1. Make original computer cover designs – with the use of your home printer, you can print out your own images on specialized sticker paper to liven up desktop computers and laptops.

2. Offer your images to web hosting companies and their libraries – there are numerous web companies that offer space in their servers to promote various businesses through the World Wide Web. Images are needed to promote businesses are very much in demand. These web hosting companies offer prospective clients various images that best represent their business. 

3. Make car window covers – dashboards ca be damaged with the intense heat of the sun during summer. Print out your images on windscreen covers and offer your product to car accessory stores, gas stations and even online to reach a wider audience. This is also a great way to promote your photography skills to the public.

4. Real estate images for real big money – take advantage of the For Sale sign of properties that are being offered in the market. Show your images to the property owner or developer. Make sure they accentuate the property and is attractive enough to gain the attention of prospective buyers.

5. Travel images for travel agencies – every person who has intentions of traveling for a vacation would like to see what they can expect to enjoy in the place they’re travelling to. If you have travelled to any destination, you’re sure to have photographs of the place. Offer your images to travel agencies so tat they can show their clients the place they want to travel to, the sights they can expect to see, etc.

6. Restaurants and cafés are the best places to promote and sell your images – approach restaurant and café establishments and offer your photographs to be hung on their walls to decorate and complement their establishment in exchange that they allow you to sell them as well. Make sure your contact details are on every image. You can reassure the restaurant owner that you will be replacing every sold photograph with an original one whenever your work is sold.

7. Calendars are a yearly gig – calendars are a great way to exhibit your versatility and style. The best way to promote tem is to sell them online.

8. Upload your images in microstock sites – one of the best ways, not to mention the easiest way is to have your own library of images in microstock sites. This allows you to earn even when you’re asleep. Just make sure you only upload quality images. This will assure your clients that you have excellent quality and standards when uploading images. They will keep coming back for more.

9. Join photography competitions – there are numerous websites that have open photography contests that allow you to win cash prizes as well as make a name for yourself I the world of photography. This is also a great way to generate a client base and promote your work.

10. Sketch your images – there are several photo manipulation software available in the market that allow you to convert your digital images into sketches. This is an excellent way for people who can’t draw to be an instant painter.

Start looking through your folders and see what you can turn into cash right away. There is a never ending need for photographs for all types of needs. Your past time can be a fast way to make you earn extra money that you never even expected.

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