Another 10 Ways to Turn Your Photographs in to Cash

Here are more useful ideas that may just turn you a fast buck for those photographs you have stored in your computer. Who knows, you may have a gold mine just waiting to be discovered.

1. Customize your own writing paper – many fancy writing paper come with printed designs, why not your photographs. Create your own stationary and notebooks that have your very own images printed on them and sell them in stores or online.

2. Offer your work to furniture stores – furniture stores always need a mock up living space to show their customers what their merchandise would look like when set up in their homes. There’s no better way to add a homey touch to furnishings than framed photographs. This is also a great opportunity to marker your art.

3. Offer your images to software companies – software companies are always in need for stills to use in their packaging, discs and backgrounds. Sift through your files of images and look for possible options you can offer to software companies.

4. Use your images as book covers – every year is another batch of kids moving onto the next grade and many students opt to personalize their school books by covering them in attractive paper. Print out your images on paper and market them to students to use a covers for their school books.

5. Print your images on bags – anything and everything can be placed on a bag to liven it up, why not your images. You can even design you own tote bags that can be made to order that can be personalized. Offer portrait photography services for your customers and you can print their pet or child on a bag.

6. Enlarge your images based on flat screen TV sizes – almost every household has a flat screen TV since its prices dropped, the demand for it sky rocketed. Most of them can display uploaded images and can be used to accentuate a whole room instead of hanging there drab and flat, it can be a colorful center piece.

7. Use you images to tell a story – not every story teller needs to be a graphic artist. Photography is a visual art form that can also be used to illustrate a story.

8. Use your images as a wallpaper design – almost every household has a computer and every computer needs a desktop wallpaper. Sell them online as downloadable images that any computer owner can use to liven up their monitors.

9. Offer your services to organizations – every organization that stands for a cause needs images to fire up their purpose to gain more supporters. Check out your local neighborhood organizations and start matching your images to their cause and market it to them.

10. Offer your specific images to auctioneers in various buying and selling websites – images help sell anything. There are numerous online buy and sell websites that have customers that need images of practically anything and everything. Photograph images of your own thing at home that are commonly sold online and offer them to sellers.

Whatever type of images you have stored there just waiting to be discovered, you’re sure to find some use for it. You just may be surprised at the earning power you images may provide. It would make a nifty side line for you.

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More Ways to Make Money Out of Your Passion for Photography

Photography is a very lucrative venture and if you have the passion and skills to take stunning photographs, you can make use of this asset by making money out of doing what you love. We previously ran an article in a similar vein and by popular demand, here are more suggestions you can use to earn some cash from taking photos:

Sell in stock sites – stock photography is a booming and very competitive business. Once you are accepted as a member, you can start uploading your shots for approval and these can then be included in your stock portfolio for prospective buyers to see. The system works by selling your images with a commission fee and although each image can be sold for 25cents or so, there is no limit as to how many times it can be sold by various buyers. One image can accumulate hundreds of dollars over time. It is not as easy as it sounds, though, and you will have to constantly upload to keep your portfolio fresh and make sure your images are high quality and have commercial value. 

Newborn babies – parents of newborns are often busy or preoccupied with getting ready for the baby’s needs. This will usually require you to be on call, especially if the parents ask you to take photographs at the hospital or when they arrive home with their little bundle of joy. Offering your services would guarantee that you cover all parts of the event, from the time they leave for the hospital to when they get home. This will also give you a great opportunity to have them as repeat clients if they like your work. 

Used cars – every urban area has a used car lot. Offer your services to owners and salesmen. It is always helpful to have photographs of the cars they have in stock so that the customers can browse through the stack of photos without having to go out and look at each and every car. Once they have narrowed down their choices, they can then go and check the selected cars. Another way for car dealers to use your services is when they want to sell their cars online and your photos will entice the car buyers to contact the dealer. 

Photo gift items – aside from using photos for postcards, you can extend your services to include photos printed on novelty items such as mugs, jigsaw puzzles and mouse pads. is one site that offer these service and all you have to do is upload your images and they will do all the hard work of getting them printed and shipping them to the buyers.

Sell your images as art – if you have a creative eye and the ingenious flair to make something out everyday occurrences and scenery, then you are in the right field. Experiment with different points of view and angles. Kneel, lie down on the pavement, prop your camera on walls, the whole world is you playground. The best way to learn about anything is to try something new each time. This will help you develop newfound techniques that you can apply in your art.

Once you’ve gathered all your images, take advantage of the very useful software applications during post processing. Sift through your images, correct the common errors in some and crop them if needed. Once you are satisfied, have them printed at a quality printing shop where you are assured your prints will come out looking exactly like how they appeared in your computer screen. You can then frame your work and display them in various establishments in your area or even make them available for purchase online.

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