Marketing Tips for Your Photography Business

Upon setting up your work scheme, it’s time to consider the best way to promote and sell your business and work. Advertising is an important aspect of any business and is responsible for generating profits for your business. Aside from advertising, you also have to place importance on building your reputation as well as researching and finding possible clients for your business. You have to allot time and energy at the beginning to market and get the word out about your business.

A proper market strategy is needed to know your main objectives to create facts about your specific target market. These include market size, sales potential, assessment of your competition, information on available competitive pricing and market practices.

To cite an example, your specialty might be nature and wildlife photography. This means your client base may consist of art directors and picture editors of travel magazines, nature magazines, basically anything related to clients who require these types of content. Start by creating a list of potential clients with this precise need and decide their levels of demand. 

Create a portfolio of your best work. It must cover the full range of your expertise and showcase your talent and versatility in your field. This will be the best example of your work for future clients and will be the deciding factor as to whether or not they will hire you.

Public relations and promotional strategies work hand in hand with any budding photography business. You can organize press releases to herald any significant achievement you have accomplished in your related field. Take full advantage of social network media such as Facebook or Twitter to do some self-promotion. Create a Facebook page where a large number of people can be updated about your business all at once. It would also be a great way for you to get feedback and support from your ‘followers.’

Socialize and create a network with buyers, existing clients and potential clients. You can even offer the use of your work to any local benefit for charity or non-profit organizations. Even offer your services to teach photography short courses or tutorials to get your name out in the community.

Another great way to increase publicity for your work is to give out prints of some of your images to galleries and museums. Also try to have a local establishment display your work such as a lobby or a waiting area as this would be beneficial in showcasing your talent to attract likely clients.

If your budget allows it, you can also use various advertising media to market your business.  You can try direct marketing, brochures, sponsorship and the like. This way you can reach a lot more prospective clients.

But there’s no better way to promote your business than by good old fashioned word of mouth. It’s the kind of advertising that achieves far better results in building a loyal client base based on your work. It assures you that all your clients who have spread the news of your business are satisfied customers and they freely recommend you to their friends and family. This is the most effective way of spreading the word.

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Using Facebook to Market your Photo Business, Part 1

Now that the internet is deeply imbedded in the world’s conscience, it has opened the floodgates for business opportunities in the global scale. Gone are the major barriers of geography and distance, of language and cultures. The internet has brought people closer together and has kept us connected in ways we could only imagine not too long ago. Facebook is arguably the current most popular online social networking media in the world. It is not only used to keep in touch with family and friends but also to promote and market various businesses. If you have a photography business, using Facebook’s features can greatly work to your advantage just make sure you always link back to your blog or photo website as part of your promotion.

Have a fan page and keep it updated – self-promotion is a very effective way to get your name and business known to a wide audience and you can do that by having a fan page. You can have your family, friends, clients and people with similar interests as your fans. As others notice your page in their friends’ wall, they will visit and might decide to also be a fan of yours. There are many ways you can make your fan page attractive. A big come-on would be your profile picture. You can have a picture of yourself or your business logo, or even combine the two. The image should represent your skills as a photographer. Keep this page active by posting regularly and updating your fans with what you are up to in terms of your photo business. You can post links to your blog or your website, show your latest photos, invite people to attend certain events, and the like. However, don’t post too often (such as several times a day) because too many messages can irritate your fans who might consider removing themselves off your fan list.

Fill up the info section – Facebook has an information page where you can include pertinent details about your photo business. Your potential and current clients will be sure to stop by this info tab to find out more about you, such as your website address, your blog site, your online portfolio site with, and if you have other networking or photo sites such as Twitter or Flickr. The info page is what you would normally see when you use search engines so try to keep the details informative and concise. However, also try to keep the tone light and fun to attract prospective clients.

Use photo albums to show your sample work – it is only natural that you show off your photos in the photo album section. This is where everyone can see samples of your work, so upload and maintain a small portfolio bu talways link back to your main online gallery. Albums can be categorized so make use of this feature to keep your photos in order. Some people assume that online images are free to be used without permission and might copy your work for their own needs without your permission and knowledge. To lessen the chances that your images can be used, never upload the full resolution of your photographs. Resize the image to make it smaller but still good when viewed, such as a pixel size of 800 or less on the wider side. Also, use the ‘save for web’ option when saving your photo after post processing.

Having photos in Facebook means that you can receive comments from fans and others who are visiting your account. These comments can greatly boost your popularity and also be a venue for receiving feedback. Having a healthy interaction between you and your fans or other commentators is a fantastic way to personalize your business. They can ask you questions which you can readily answer and it is this immediate connection between people, no matter where they are, that makes Facebook the perfect avenue for promoting your photo business.

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