Helpful Ways to Make Money from Event Photography

Specializing in photographing events such as weddings, high school reunions, birthday parties, sports events, dog shows, etc., is one of the best ways to earn a living. There is minimal initial investment needed to get you started. Probably the most important factor that would make event photography profitable for anyone is the love of the craft. Everything else will fall into place with the proper initiative.

One of the most important aspects in succeeding in the business of event photography is having the cunning to know what events to cover. Keep in mind that the photographs worth taking are photographs worth keeping. These are photos people would want to keep and remember. The types of images that would be in demand are high quality images that guests or clients can’t take for themselves. This means that skill in the craft of photography is a must when venturing in the business.

A sure-fire way to make money for any event photographer is having means for on-site prints.  For many junior league sport events, not many parents have the know-how on capturing great images of their child while playing a sport. Another great advantage of being a photographer covering a junior sports event is that you can gain permission to have access to the sidelines where you can position yourself in a prime location to capture great action shots that parents wouldn’t have access to.

At larger venues such as games with a professional sports league or even an amateur sports league, there is always an opportunity to make money.  Be equipped with the right tools and be ready to hand out flyers and calling cards to any future client. Be very clear about the services you offer and be able to show the type of images you are capable of capturing.

Wedding photography is another lucrative event to cover. The style and technique used for a wedding event can be slightly more conservative, but you can certainly make use of your creative ideas during the reception and transitioning from the getting ready, to the church and to the reception. It’s important that you capture the details and take note of the key figures in the wedding aside from the bride and groom, entourage and parents. 

It would be advantageous to be aware of competition and know the market value for your services. For example, set several packages per event, offer discount rates and added bonus shots that would make you a cut above the rest.

More importantly, find out what the demand is and create a niche. More often than not, there is a market for anything and everything as long as you can create a need for it. Be exceptional and professional in your services. Offer something other competitors do not. Be up to date in knowing what events are occurring and be there to cover it, all great shots can always be sold as stock photos in a number of online sites. One way of ensuring a continuous flow of income is constantly updating your portfolio with fresh shots weekly or with every event that you cover.

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