4 Sound Ways to Get Organized with your New Photography Business

When business is paired with photography, it can be both a pleasurable experience and a challenge as well. You will no longer be taking pictures just for the pure fun of it, you now have to also think and plan how to earn from your photos and services as a photographer. A business mindset is important since without it, your sales will surely suffer no matter how good a photographer you are. Here are 4 suggestions to help you make a smooth transition from hobbyist to pro: 

1. Put your business strategy in writing- this will work as your guide to beginning, organizing and making your business grow. It will contribute in evaluating how feasible your business will be in the current market. Planning your business strategies and jotting them down will also aid in achieving your goals. This will also assist you in identifying the important economic factors of your business, it will help you recognize the financial necessities of your business, evaluate your resources, and give you the initiative to balance your means to obtain your venture capital for the business, This will lead you to You can then begin to determine the financial restrictions and status of your business. Once establishing business strategy, you can begin to identify your possible customers, establish a step by step schedule and determine reasonable fees or costs and map out your advertising and promotional campaigns. 

2. Determine your legal business characteristics in legal terms – every continent, country, state and city have specific rules when it comes to businesses. Depending on your locale, check the laws and bylaws of your area in relation to your business through your local county clerk. If you are not too well versed about legalities and legal jargon, you can ask for help from a lawyer or a friend or relative who can help you go over any legal issues.

3. Start a business account with your local bank – always keep business and personal finances separate. This would include debit and credit cards as well as PayPal accounts if you have any. Use a separate credit card for your personal use and for your business use. For using the start-up capital for your business as the initial deposit for your business bank account, keep track of whatever the incomings and outgoings are pertaining to the business. Aside from the regular bank statements that are sent to you, it’s also advisable to keep a ledger to record your business finances.

4. Check zoning restrictions in your area – before starting your business full blast, make sure you check on the zoning restrictions in your vicinity especially if you have a home-based setup. You will be having clients over at your home for a photo session and this may be something your neighbors may consider a disturbance. 

Coming soon are more tips to help you with your new photography business. Stay on the lookout for it!

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