Coming to Terms with Cliché Shots

Cliché shots are images of subjects or compositions that are so overused that they have lost their meaning or substance. Everyone has taken a cliché shot at one time or another. When we are starting to learn to the craft of photography, we usually imitate, maybe subconsciously, the images we most often see such as those on greeting cards, postcards, magazines and the like. Orange sunsets over the ocean, smiling babies, wide eyed puppies, flowers with dewdrops, all these have become extremely popular and seem to have become the standard for what is 'good' photography. They are technically sound, clear and sharp, and appear to be well liked by most people; otherwise they wouldn't be so widespread. Therefore, photographers take more of these photos, believing that these shots represent professionalism and the desires of the general public. Therein lies the issue. Not so much in the shots themselves but in the photographer's wish to please other people before himself.

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