Selling Landscape Photographs

We may not be aware of this but we see photographs almost everyday. It has become an important part of recording our lives which later on becomes history to be shared with our grandchildren. We see it at home for our own personal way of remembering moments in our lives, it is used in advertising to sell products, and when we see photographs of wondrous landscapes of local sceneries, we are automatically transported to a place and time that we are connected with.

One of the most important tips to remember in turning a profit from landscape photography is to capture the local scenes. It is a proven fact that most clients prefer to acquire an image that they can associate themselves with. There are dozens of small towns out there with their own distinct charm from which you can create a masterful image. This is better than capturing a generic beach scene that anyone can purchase at a dollar store.

Shooting the local scenery lets you flex your photographic skills. Lighting is very important in landscape shots because aside from providing illumination, it also greatly helps to create mood. Sunlight is usually the main light source and the time of day and month, the weather conditions, and its intensity can create various effects to the same scene. For example, the landscape will look completely different in summer compared to in winter. Try to capture the landscape in such a way that even locals from the area will be amazed to see just how beautiful the place is that they live in and oftentimes take for granted. These locals would also be one of the primary demographics for a potential sale.

In choosing your best work for show or for your portfolio, pick out photos that you think are great and would sell, show them to close friends and relatives or even colleagues. Seek out positive and honest critiques. Remember that photography is subjective and images have different effects with every viewer. This will help you sort out which images are more appealing than others, which ones need improvement, and you can also gather fresh ideas for your nest projects.

Aside from online sites, you can also get a lot of exposure from art fairs. This is a great way of introducing yourself to the mainstream world of photography. You just have to make a minimal investment for your space in the exhibit and perhaps calling cards to hand out some flyers. This will also give you a chance to go through your work and select some of the images you think is good enough to sell. Check the market value for similar images so you can establish a fair price on your own. This will also give you an opportunity for some constructive critiquing. You can ask the people who visit your booth about what they think of you images and at the same time ask them what they are looking for.

Displaying your work in coffee shops and restaurants would be good, too. Just make sure you have your name on your work for possible clients to get in touch with you.  Probably the most convenient way to reach a wide audience is through stock photography sites online. You can also create an online portfolio for interested clients to view your other works.

The business of selling landscape photography has become more competitive over the years and more and more aspiring photographers are emerging everyday, but the market for fresh new scenic images is growing as well.  As long as you stay observant and patient, keep developing your skills and most of all keep taking pictures, you’re well on your way to making your passion a profitable one.

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