Tips and Suggestions

In order to get the most out of the affiliate program, we are including some tips about the choice and placement of your creative, as well as some ideas for ways to increase your conversion rate.

Choosing the Right Creative has created a number of banners and text links that you can choose from. When choosing a banner or text link, try and pick a creative you feel will stand out on your site and attract people to follow the link. While banners that suit the design of a website tend to work the best, a well placed text link in a prominent position or within the content of a page can bring in great results.

The placement of your creative is an important part of increasing your profits. We suggest placing the link “above the fold”, so that users do not have to scroll down in order to see the creative. Banners that run horizontally across the top of your page or vertical down the right or left hand side tend to yield very good results.

When possible, implementing a square banner within the content of a page has shown to bring the best results. If you are writing a piece on a certain style of photography for example, see if you can incorporate Photostockplus within a small paragraph mentioning what the site does and how it helps photographers sell images. Include text links within the text where they fit and read well, and a square banner within the content of the page. These placements and strategies have shown to bring in the best click to sale ratio so you can expect to get a high click value out of this type of placement.

Different Outlets
In addition to placing a creative on your page, there are a number of ways in which you can increase the volume of people coming to your site to check out Here are a few examples:

  • Make mention of in the “news” section of your site.
  • Promote your link in your newsletter.
  • If you have a retail location, request a custom store flyer from us, so that your sales team can promote the product and your banner to your customers. The flyer will feature your store’s logo and direct people to your site in order to find out more.
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