Creating Albums


With your Photostockplus account, you may create two types of albums; Stock and Event. Click on the album type you wish to create for a step by step.

Type 1: Stock Album

Stock albums are ideal for any photographer who wants to take advantage of our large buying audience and marketing efforts. By default, images uploaded to a stock album are added to our searchable database through our homepage, giving your photos more visibility and accessibility.

Images in a stock album will be for sale publicly at the prices you assign when setting the price group for the album. The photos will be sold under the Royalty Free Download Agreement for Stock photos.

If you would like a specific stock album to be excluded from our searchable database, you may password protect it, keeping it for private viewing only.

You are solely responsible for collecting and informing buyers about Model Property Release Info and Model Agreement. You will be able to edit this on all images on an individual basis once uploaded. We do not mediate this for you; we merely facilitate the transaction by supplying you the vendor technology.

After creating a stock album, you have the ability to create stock sub albums to help keep your images organized:

Note: If you are a Trial Member, your stock albums will not be added to our stock database however these images can still be sold privately and through your personal marketing efforts.

Type 2: Event Album

Event albums are recommended for any photographer taking numerous photos regularly as images uploaded to an event album are automatically compressed, allowing you to quickly upload hundreds of photos while using little online space.

These albums are only viewable through your home page. These images are not part of our stock database and so your marketing efforts will directly affect who and how many potential clients will visit the event album.

Event photos will be compressed upon upload automatically allowing you to quickly upload hundreds of photos

Once you receive an order on a photo, you will be prompted to upload the full size image from the Photoloader tool.
After creating an event album, you have the ability to create event sub folders to help keep your images organized. A sub folder is an event album within an event album, each having its own designated url for easy sharing with your buyers.

For photographers with many event albums, event groups can also be created to help organize event albums and sub folders.

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