Event Order Fulfillment

Photostock Plus gives its members the option of creating event albums to cater to the needs of today's event photographer.

Creating an event album will instruct your uploader tool to only upload thumbnails (small file sizes) of your images. These images will not be searchable in the main database.

This option was designed for event photographers who need to put a lot of work on the web. Since only the thumbnail of the image is uploaded, upload time will be much smaller and online disk usage will be minimal.

When an image is ordered.
When an image is ordered from an event album, you will receive an e-mail of notification including which image(s) have been purchased. As some email blocker software may come into play with the automated message, we recommend checking at least twice a week on the status of your orders:

  1. Go to http://www.photostockplus.com/ and log into your account. If you are unsure how to log in, see Logging In.
  2. Click on the "My Account" tab for a dropdown with more options.
  3. Click on the "Invoices" link.
  4. When an order has been placed for a product or print of an event image, under the ”status” column, the order will show as ‘Pending Upload’.

You will now have to upload the full sized image(s) in order to complete the order using the Photoloader.

The next time you open the Photoloader, you will be prompted with a message notifying that "There is 'X' new full size image(s) that you must upload to fulfill pending orders.  Do you want to add them to your upload list?"

  • *Clicking ”yes” will automatically add them to the upload list, and you are left to click the ”Start Upload” button to proceed.
    You may edit these images before uploading by clicking on the ”Edit” button. This will open the image in your home photo editing software (Photoshop for example) to make any necessary changes. Simply save the file for the changes to be in effect when you are content with the final image.
    This is a great time saver for event photographers as they have the option to only spend time editing photos that have been purchased.
  • Clicking ”no” will leave a yellow exclamation box at the bottom right hand corner of the tool as a reminder until such time as you upload the required images.

Once an image has been uploaded, the Photoloader will save a back up copy of the photo in your \My Documents\PhotoStockPlus Uploader Tool\Cache\ folder. If an order for the image is made again, the Photoloader will automatically use the backed up file so there will never be a need to upload the same image twice.

Keep in mind that the longer you wait to upload pending images, the longer your buyers are waiting on you for their purchase, so stay on top of your photo business and treat your customers with the quality service your work deserves.

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