Edit Stock Albums

  1. Go to http://www.photostockplus.com/ and log into your account. If you are unsure how to log in, see Logging In.
  2. Click on the "Stock Albums" tab in the left column. A list of your stock albums will now show in the main window.
  3. Scroll to the album you wish to edit and click on the “Edit Album” link found to the right of the thumbnail of the desired album.
  4. You can now edit any of the following fields:
    • Album Name
      This field will display your album’s current name. Change this field if you wish to change the name of your stock album.
    • Sub Album of
      To keep your current stock album in the same location, leave this field as “NONE”. If you would like to change your stock album into a stock sub album, use the drop down menu to select your album’s new location.
      A sub album is an album within an album usually created to help keep your images organized. For more information on creating a sub album, see Creating a Stock Sub Album
    • Description
      The description entered will be viewed by buyers and visitors who are browsing through your albums. Use the space in whichever way you feel most appropriate, and which best "sells" your album.
    • Category
      Use the scroll down menu to choose which category best suits the content in your album. This gives viewers and photo buyers another way to find your images.
      If your album is filled with different images, we suggest creating sub albums to help keep your albums more organized.
      If you feel none of the categories listed suits the content of your album, you may leave the selection as "None".
    • Select watermark
      A watermark is a semi transparent text which is applied automatically onto your images when they are viewed by visitors and photo buyers. This watermark is meant to protect the photographer and his/her work, and will not appear when the image is purchased.
      Choose a watermark type by checking the box next to the selection.

      • None
        Images will have no watermark applied.
      • PhotoStock Plus
        Select this to apply the default watermark (Photostock Plus, Digital Photography). 
      • Custom
        This option allows you to create a custom watermark.
        Fill in the empty slot with the text you wish to use (example: Image by John Smith, copyright 2010), and set the parameters of the watermark:
        – font size
        – how dark or light the font’s shade of grey will appear
        – how transparent the mark will be
        – where on the image the watermark will be located
    • Pricing Group
      Photostockplus offers 6 default pricing templates (low, medium, and high for Economy or Pro Prints). Use the scroll down menu to select the pricing template for the images in your album.
      You may also create a custom pricing template for a specific album. For more information on pricing groups, see Pricing.
    • Optional Password
      If you would like your album to be viewed freely by the Photostockplus community of viewers and buyers (recommended), leave this field blank.
      You may type in a word or phrase in this field if you wish to password protect an album for private viewing. Once an album is password protected, users will be asked to type in the password before viewing its content.
      For potential buyers who do not have the password, a link will be available to them to request it. An automated email with their name will then be sent to you at which point you can choose to grant the user access and agree to send them the password, or ignore the message.*** Please note, images in a password protected album will be excluded from our searchable database.
  5. Click on the ”Save Album” to have the new changes applied.
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