Edit Event Photos

With Photostockplus, editing your image properties has never been easier. Follow this step by step guide to start editing photos in a flash. If you have already selected an album, skip the first 3 steps.
Step by step on editing photos

  1. Go to http://www.photostockplus.com/ and log into your account. If you are unsure how to log in, see Logging In.
  2. In the left column, click on "Event Albums".
  3. Click on the event album you would like to edit photos from. If the photos are located in a sub folder, click first on the event album, then the sub folder where your images are located.
  4. Click on the “Edit” link under the image you would like to edit.
    • If you wish to edit all the images in the event album or sub folder, load the first image and at the end of the first edit, you will have the option to save and load the next image in the folder to make for an easy and quick editing session.
  5. Enter the information you would like to add or edit for your image:
    • Album
      Use the scroll down menu to edit which album the image will be located in. For more information on how to create a new album, see Creating Albums.
    • Title
      This title will be seen by visitors and photo buyers.
      By default, images uploaded will be titled by their file name. Change this field to the title of your choice for each image.
      No file extension is needed (example: you can rename Bluebird.JPG to simply Blue Bird)
      Words in your title will also be recognized through the search engine.
    • File Size
      This displays how much disk space your image takes. You can not change this field.
    • Rotate
      Use this tool if your image displays on its side, or up-side down. Use the scroll down menu to rotate your image left, right, or return it to its original uploaded state.
    • Description
      After clicking on one of your photos, visitors and photo buyers will see this description underneath your image.
      Enter in a short bio or any other information about the picture you feel relevant.
      Feel free to get creative in your description as it makes for a good selling point as well.
      You may leave this field blank.
    • Price Group
      This section shows you the price group you have selected for this album. To change the price group, simply click on the blue link. For more information on pricing and editing prices, see Pricing.
    • Watermark
      A watermark is a semi transparent text which is applied automatically onto your images when they are viewed by visitors and photo buyers. This watermark is meant to protect the photographer and his/her work, and will not appear when the image is purchased.
      Choose a watermark type by checking the box next to the selection.

      • None
        Images will have no watermark applied.
      • Photostock Plus
        Select this to apply the default watermark (Photostock Plus, Digital Photography).
      • Custom
        This option allows you to create a custom watermark.
        Fill in the empty slot with the text you wish to use (example: Image by John Smith, copyright 2010), and set the parameters of the watermark:
        – font size
        – how dark or light the font’s shade of grey will appear
        – how transparent the mark will be
        – where on the image the watermark will be located
  6. Click on “Save” at the bottom of the screen for the changes to take effect.

Note: There is an easy left and right scroll tool at the top of the screen if you wish to edit photos within the same event album or sub folder.

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