Export Event Contacts

When you create your event albums, there is an option to have guests enter their name and email in order to view the album (Mandatory Email Login). The “Export Event Contact” feature lets you export these easily into an excel spread sheet.

If your event album does not currently request an email login, you can change this option at any time by editing your album details. See Edit Event Albums for more info on editing event albums.

  1. Go to http://www.photostockplus.com/ and log into your account. If you are unsure how to log in, see Logging In.
  2. In the left column, click on “Event Albums”. New options will now be available.
  3. Click on the ”Export Event Contacts” tab.
  4. Use the scroll down menu to choose which album you wish to retrieve the list of contacts from, or leave this field as “All Events” for a complete list and click on ‘Export’. A new pop-up window will open.
  5. Click on ”Save” to save the file onto your hard drive, or click on ”Open” to view the spread sheet.
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