How To Setup Responsive Templates

We are proud to announce that our new responsive website is ready. The new design is working with any kind of computer, tablet and smart phone. It allows you to customize and brand your site with different tools, images and graphics.
Here is how you can change the appearance of the website. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do this all at once. Familiarize yourself with the features first and slowly customize your website:
1)      Access my account/customize website and click “Responsive Templates”
2)      Then access “Click Here” to create a responsive template. Name the design and click “Select”. We recommend selecting one of the designs and follow the steps. More designs will be available in the future.
Enter a name for your new design and select one of the 8 professional templates to edit using our simple and fast customization options that do not require any coding or programming knowledge.
After selecting one of our template designs, new options will appear underneath your selection allowing your to customize your template. Here is a brief description of the elements that are needed to configure the designs.
Note: Not all options or fields will appear on every design. Some features are unique to specific templates and layouts.
Logo:  Click Select then the Browse button and locate your high resolution logo in transparent .png format. Then click Upload to add it to your media library. If you have already uploaded a logo in the past to use on a different template, you will also have the option to select it here.
Important: Our templates to not automatically resize your logo files or images so make sure the image you upload has the right dimension as you would like them to be displayed on your website.
Splash: Click Select then the Browse button and locate your high resolution splash image. If you have already uploaded a splash image in the past to use on a different template, you will also have the option to select it here.
The responsive template will automatically enlarge or minimize the image to fit the size of the browser window on any device. The recommended size for splash images is 1900×500 pixels.
Note: Splash images will only appear on the storefront pages. The same design can also be used in galleries, however the splash section of the layout will not be displayed to make room instead to display your work and current promotions.
Color:  Adjust/change the text, background and foreground colors

Contact Information:
Social Media: Allow people to find you and follow you easily by adding quick links to your social media profiles. Simply copy and paste the full URL to your profile in the appropriate box and our system will automatically generate the icons and links for you.
3)      Once you have customized and named your template(s) access my account/customize website and click “General”, select the template you have designed.
The Result: The custom design below was created in under 5 minutes using nothing but the fields and options shown above applied to our Custom Color template. Now it's your turn 😉
Important: Under my account/customize website/responsive templates you can create many different templates that can be used for your different groups and events. Or you can simply use one template only
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