Pricing Groups

Setting prices for your images is made easy with our album pricing system. You can assign a pricing structure to affect all of the images in a particular album.

We give you 6 default pricing groups as a start point; low, medium, and high for both economy and pro prints. These groups each include different royalty free pricing and marks ups for each print size and gift item. You may also choose to create your own custom pricing groups (see Creating Custom Pricing Groups) with your own personalized mark ups, and activate or de-activate any products you wish to make unavailable.

Photographers who wish to make the royalty free purchasing option unavailable may do so by creating a custom pricing template (see Creating Custom Pricing Groups) and de-activating the royalty free image product. See Royalty Free for more information on royalty free images.

As the photographer, you keep 85% of the mark up price on all items and prints sold.

Note : When changing a pricing group, be aware that this will also change the royalty free price for the images within the selected album.

If you wish to have a low price scheme for gift items and keep a higher royalty free price on your images, you will have to create a custom pricing group:

As long as you have at least one album created, you can assign a pricing group to it:

As a Photostockplus member, many other marketing tools and pricing features are available to you to encourage larger orders such as packages, discounts, featured products and more:

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