The cropping stage will be available after selecting the desired items you wish to purchase and proceeding to the "Checkout".

If the image is not in the aspect ratio that matches the required ratio for the product that has been ordered it will have to be cropped. We offer two cropping types; "Crop" and "Fit".

The Crop Cropping Type
The Crop cropping type will crop unequally from the top and bottom. Of the 100% of the image that needs to be removed, 75% will be cropped off the bottom of the image and 25% will be removed from the top. Examples:

playatfirst Cropping
In this 4:3 image 75% of the cropping occurs at the bottom when cropped with the Crop cropping type.

dugout Cropping
This panoramic image cropped with Crop cuts equally from both sides.

swingforthefences Cropping
In this square image Crop will crop mostly (75%) from the bottom.

The Fit Cropping Type
The Fit cropping type will inset the image inside the printable area to ensure that no part of the image is removed. The image will be printed with white borders on all four sides. Examples:

playfirst Cropping
A 4:3 image with the Fit Crop type.

dugout Cropping
A panoramic image with the Fit Crop type.

swingforthefences Cropping
A square image with the Fit Crop type.

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