Royalty Free

The royalty-free license grants you non-exclusive use of the image you select, in as many projects as you like, for a one-time flat fee. Once you purchase an image, it is pre-cleared and ready-to-use in advertising, brochures, packaging, web sites, multimedia projects, and more. There are very few restrictions placed on how you can use these images. The royalty-free license also allows you to alter an image and create unique works of your own. However, the user or purchaser may not reproduce an image in any traditional or electronic photographic medium for fine art purposes such as usage for display in either a public or private art gallery or photography gallery or collection. The purchaser may not claim ownership of an image or its derivative purchased from Photostockplus.

Royalty-free products provide a solution for every budget, with few usage restrictions. Once you pay the fee for a royalty-free product, you can use the images as frequently and creatively as you'd like. (Pornographic, defamatory, libellous or otherwise unlawful use of any image is prohibited.) Buyers will be requested to read and agree to our licensing agreement before making any purchases.

All our advertisers need to agree to the Royalty Free Download Agreement for Stock photos to purchase a royalty free photo.

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