Activating and Setting Pricing to a Self Fulfillment Product

Once you have created a product line and added at least one product, you now must activate and set pricing for your product before it can be made available to your clients.

Self fulfillment products can only be added to custom pricing groups. If you are currently only using default pricing groups, click here for a step by step guide to help you create one.

If you are using custom pricing groups for your albums, you can now activate and price your products.

This section will go through the steps of adding a product to a pricing group:

  1. Go to and log into your account. If you are unsure how to log in, see Logging In.
  2. Click on the “Pricing” link in the left column for more options.
  3. Click on the “Price Groups” link.
  4. Using the scroll down menu within the main page, select the custom pricing group which you would like to add your product to.
  5. Scroll down the page to the “Self Fulfillment Products” section. You should see a list of the self fulfillment products you created. Under “Mark Up”, enter a dollar amount as the product’s base price and click the arrow icon to the right of it to update the page with the new pricing.
  6. Click the “Active” tick box to activate the product.
  7. Click on “Save” towards the bottom of the page. A new page will load.
  8. Leave the check in the “Overwrite the selected group with the new markup prices” tick box and click on “Submit” to apply the changes.

Clients will now be able to order your self fulfillment product through your Photostockplus site in any album where the custom pricing selected above is applied.

To have your self fulfillment product available in multiple custom pricing groups, you must repeat the above process for each.

Once pricing is applied, it is important to set shipping and handling fees. If these are not set, clients will only be charged for the products and you will have to carry the shipping costs.

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