Fulfilling a Self Fulfilment Order

When a client places an order for a self fulfillment product, we handle the payment process and create a ‘work order’ for you which includes detailed information about the order including products, quantity, selected pictures, customer’s complete shipping address and selected shipping method.

This work order is put together in the form of an email and depending on the order, will be sent to you after the following:

Orders with Self Fulfillment Products only:

  • Once the client’s payment has been approved.

Orders with both Self Fulfillment Products and Regular Products from our lab:

  • Once the client’s payment has been approved AND you, the photographer, upload any necessary high resolution images needed by our lab to fulfill all non sell fulfill (regular) products. As with all other orders, you will be sent an email and will be notified through your Photoloader tool if high resolution images are required.

With all self fulfillment work orders, you are responsible for the complete physical process of making the product(s) ordered, packaging and shipping them to your client.

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