Self Fulfillment Product Templates

As a gold member, if you are creating a self fulfillment product that uses a template such as a custom sports poster, you have the ability to upload your product templates, making them easily viewable and selectable to your clients during their order and customization process.

Once uploaded, your clients will have a “Select Template” option available. This will load a new pop up with thumbnails of all available templates which they can then choose from.

You may choose to upload a single template if preferred but with most products, selection can make a large difference with a product’s success.

If you have many templates, something to consider is creating “Template Groups”. These groups help keep templates organized and act as a “theme” selection for your clients from the customization page of the order process.

Example: If you are creating custom sports posters and have 5 football and 5 baseball poster templates, assigning these to a “Football” and “Hockey” template group will let your clients select a “theme” from a drop down menu. Once a theme is selected, only the templates assigned to this group will load in the template selection window:

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