Disabling the Cache Feature for PC

Please be sure to read the section f) on Cache Feature for PC  before choosing to disable the cache feature:

  1. Open the Photoloader tool. If you are unsure how to open the tool, see Opening the Photoloader for PC.
  2. Enter your account details and hit “Login”.
  3. Click on the “Setup” tab found at the top right of the tool.
  4. Un-tick the box next to “Cache full size version of event photos”. A warning window will open.
  5. Click on “OK”
  6. Click on the “Save” button.

The cache feature is now disabled and will no longer keep a copy of event images in an additional location on your hard drive. You can choose to re-enable the cache feature at a later time:

Note: If you are a MAC user, please visit the Photoloader for MAC section.

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