Marketing Tips and Links

You can have the greatest photos in the world but if they sit on your hard drive and no one knows about them, no one will buy them.

To run a successful photo business, aside from shooting quality photos, you need to devote a great deal of attention towards marketing in order to sell images and grow your client base.

With your Photostockplus account, we provide you with loads of easy to use and customizable marketing tools to help promote your albums, photos, and business. The first step is to be aware of what tools are made available to you:

Each one of these tools will help maximize your profit from every shoot. The key is to test different ways of applying each tool to your business from the method of distributing your flyers, to the email follow up strategy after a shoot, down to the look of your business card. Keep track of the various results acquired from each test along with your clients’ response to each marketing method.

Within a short period of time, you will have a feel for what works and what doesn’t. You can then work towards combining certain tools to create your own complete marketing strategy to help get you your first few orders and begin building your client base.

Once you have a client base, you want to keep your existing clients happy. In the end, they play a big factor with the success of your business and can be the best marketing tool of all; word of mouth. Keep your clients in mind as much as possible from uploading full sized images of ordered event photos promptly, to sending them an e-card on special events. You would be surprised how something as simple as a Christmas card can help towards building a strong client retention rate, encourage repeat business, and even have them bringing up your store and images at an upcoming social gathering.

Always look to improve your business. Aside from using the tools above and uploading fresh images regularly, a great way to know how you’re doing is to simply ask. Look to your client base and when the time is right, or as a subtle line within an e-card or message, ask them for feedback and suggestions. What are your doing right? More importantly, where can you improve your service? Is there something they are unhappy about? Is there a type of image that they enjoy and want to see more of?

From combining a strong coupon strategy with a simple product list pamphlet at your next event, to other great marketing tips and strategies, use these links to learn more about building a strong marketing strategy for your photo business:

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