Flyers has a number of templates you can use to create your own custom flyer to promote your site and your work. This section will guide you through the flyers creation process.

  1. Go to and log into your account. If you are unsure how to log in, see Logging In.
  2. Click on the ”Marketing Tools” link in the left column. New options will now be available.
  3. Click on the ”Flyers” link
  4. Click on the ”Create New” link within the main window.
  5. Enter a name for your flyer. This name is simply used to identify the different flyers you will create, and will not appear on the finished product.
  6. Click ”Select” to choose a flyer template. A new window will pop up.
    1. Use the scroll down menu to choose a theme for the templates
    2. Click on the ”Choose this Template” link beneath the desired template.
  7. Depending on how many are required by the selected template, choose one or more photos for your flyer by clicking on the “Select” tab next to the corresponding photo number.
    1. Use the scroll down menu to choose the album the desired image is located in and click on the ”Load Album” link.
    2. Click on the ”Choose this Photo” link beneath the desired image.
    3. The flyer creation page will re-load giving you additional options next to each image you chose such as image size, horizontal align, and vertical align. We suggest leaving these options with their default values and only making changes at the end of the flyer creation process if necessary.
  8. Fill in all of the required information in their corresponding fields. Each of the entered fields will be displayed on your flyer. Their location and prominence will depend on the selected flyer template:
    • Full Name
      Enter your name.
    • E-mail
      Enter an email address.
    • Slogan
      Enter a catch phrase or slogan for your business or flyer.
    • Web site
      Enter your website address or the website url you would like the flyer to promote.
    • Text 1
      Enter the content you would like the flyer to display.
      Note: These are suggested fields. You can leave any of these blank or use them in other creative ways if you would rather (example: if having an email address displayed on the flyer is not of interest, use the field to display a second slogan or promote a current special or discount).
    • Depending on the selected flyer template, some of these options may vary.
  9. Click on ”Generate”.10. You will now see a preview of your flyer. If you are happy with the result, click on the ”Save” link. If you wish to make changes, click ”edit” to go back to the edit screen. You can also view a full screen preview of your flyer by clicking on the ”Full size” tab.

Once you have created and saved your flyer, you can now choose to download it onto your hard drive for printing.

Choose ”single image” if you simply want a file displaying one flyer, or ”full page” if you want a full page of flyers, allowing you to print large amounts of flyers at once.

We recommend saving the file onto your desktop, then uploading the flyer into a private album in your account and ordering prints to get a taste of the pro quality our printing service offers.

  1. Upload the flyer into a private album.
  2. Place an order for 5×7 prints of the image.

Please take a look at our Uploading and Order Prints section for full details and step by step procedures.

Aside from flyers, we provide you with many other fantastic marketing tools to help you grow your client base and increase orders. We suggest running through all of our marketing tools as they will make the difference between running a photo website and running a successful photography business:

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